Data, Databases
and Object Automation:

Database programs are today’s electronic file cabinets. Most databases have associated screens to input and managed their data, but databases can also be accessed by other programs. Additional "front-end" programs can add tiers for management purposes like on-line data analysis. Programs using object level access can do data extraction, data conversion, and reporting functions.

We can help you with your data management needs.

The PC has provided individual users with extraordinary access to information. Many if not most use modern offices packages like Microsoft Office® with its combined spreadsheet, word processing and database capabilities.

Unfortunately most people resort to cut and paste to move data between office packages.

But, there is a hidden power within office to automate functionality between these packages.


This is a lot easier than typing the values or even using cut and paste.

As long as the program generated "report" is consistent over time the "cost of programming" will outweigh the costs of "manual updating." Office has a built-in language called Visual Basic for Applications®. It also has an Application Program Interface routines (API) that enable programs to automated actions between and within the various applications in the suite.

MS-Access® can connect to other Database Servers like Oracle® and MS-SQL®. Using the VBA code and the API routines Word Documents® and Excel Spreadsheets® can be generated from any database that can be linked to MS-Access®.

This type of programming is a speciality of ours.

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Here are some of the databases we are experienced in using:

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