About Us

Our Company:

In the beginning there was the MainFrame... Big IBM 360's.
Assembly language, Fortran and COBOL were the languages of the day.ISAM and VSAM were the common data access methods.

Over the years, Mainframes have given way to PC's, local area networks, and of course the Internet. Databases now include not only large enterprise systems, but also local databases on your desktop.

Since 1968, we have been designing and programming systems. I guess you could say we grew up along side the computer industry.

Drawing of computer

Our Philosophy:

  • We don't sell for other companies.
  • We don't represent any other company.

Our mission is to listen to you! 
So we can...

  • Identify your needs and problems,
  • Help you design and implement solutions that will address your computer needs,
  • Help you to acquire hardware and software to address those needs,
  • Provide system design and programming assistance where required, and
  • Assist with training and follow-up technical support.